Alexis MacAlister of Beverlay, O.L., O.P., ODH, ODG, APF
Beverly Roden
bevroden {at} gmail {dot} com
Elevated by: Dag & Elayna
Date of elevation: 06 Feb, 1999


 Here's my personal award history.  More details to come...

Order of the Pelican2/6/1999
Court Baron / Baroness3/1/1997
Order of the Dragon's Heart11/18/1995
Award of the Doe's Grace10/15/1994
Principality Company of Sojourners5/8/1993

Grant of Arms

Order of the Laurel10/12/1991
Award of the Purple Fret7/15/1990
Order of the Willow12/17/1988
Award of the Purple Fret9/19/1987
Order of the Flaming Brand1/12/1987
Award of Arms7/10/1982
Order of the Gryphon's Plume7/10/1982