Elfleda Tarsella of Bethoc, OP, OL
Elevated by: Trelon and Daphne (Atenveldt)
Date of elevation: 01 Aug, 1989
Mistress of the Pelican              01 Aug 1989
Companion of the Fleur de Soleil     01 May 1993
Companion of the Solar Phoenix       25 Oct 1987
Companion of the Esprit de Soleil    16 Sep 1987
Companion of the Honor of Sundragon  18 Sep 1988
Companion of the Dragon's Scale      06 Oct 1991
Order of the Gilded Reed (Tirnewydd) 24 Apr 1982
Award of Arms                        17 Apr 1982
Keeper of the Solar Heart            16 Nov 1991

Proteges elevated to the Order of the Pelican:
Master Padraig Dillon of Liath Tor
Mistress Alexandra de la Varte (Cap'n Alex)

Past offices held:
Minister of Arts & Sciences (Barony of Sundragon)
Minister of Arts & Sciences (Principality of the Sun)
Keeper of the Regalia (Principality of the Sun)