Wendell of Dark River
Jeremiah Kaha
Rock Island , Ill  
Jeremiahkaha {at} gmail {dot} com
Elevated by: Cellach & Vukasin II
Date of elevation: 24 Feb, 2018
I hail from the far Western front of the Kingdom, The Shire of Dark River in the Midlands region. Where the trade roads and rivers to Calontir & Northshield are safe and secure. My persona is a Geat farmer, and warrior. I am also a hired sword for merchants heading east to Mikelguard, and North to the Lapland areas for trade. I also do Mongolian & Kazakh too. My students are Lady Raja of Chennai, and Cartooth the Destroyer. I have one protege who is also my Man-at-arms is Lord Sigrìkr Sìgulfson.