Katalena Ivaniaia zhena Shishova, Baroness of the Court, GoA, CDH, CW
Erin Potter
Falcon's Quarry
katalenaivaniaia {at} gmail {dot} com
Elevated by: Cellach & Vukasin II
Date of elevation: 27 Jan, 2018

Katalena Ivaniaia is a 12th century Englishwoman who lives in Novgorod with her husband, a member of the Kievan Prince's druzhina. She focuses on the management of their holdings in the city as well as in the countryside.

When not managing the estates and business interests, Katalena focuses her energies on the creation of clothing from beginning to end - spinning, weaving, dyeing and printing, and construction. Her efforts focus on the clothing appropriate to the time and place in which she and her family live.

Within our organization, I have been an exchequer, pursuivant, event steward, and equestrian marshal as well as taking on other management-type tasks. My strengths and joy is found in managing and organizing so that others can enjoy themselves.

Co-founder of the household Two Tygers Keep and allied with the households of Wyvern Gaard and Lion and Lotus.