Maggie MacKeith
Wendy Martin-Glick
Fort Wayne, IN  46835
mistressmaggiemackeith {at} gmail {dot} com
Elevated by: William & Isolde
Date of elevation: 02 Sep, 2017
I was the first dependent of Sigulf Karlnar, having become his protege in the Spring of 2003. Since joining the SCA in 1987, I have held a variety of offices; working at local, regional and kingdom levels. Recently, my husband and I completed our three year term as the first Baron and Baroness of Shadowed Stars and I am also the Kingdom Media Liaison. Being able to help other people is my greatest joy. As a Pelican, I plan to continue to mentor others, including my proteges, Zilia, Tegan, Kitsune, Astrid, and Kitta. I will look for new ways to help others find their passion in the Society and will then help match them with people and resources to pursue their part of the dream. If you see me, please know that I am someone who will help you or find you help, no matter the need. Please feel free to come and talk to me, anytime. I love making new friends!