Anastasiia Kyrilovna Ivanova, Stasi
Carole McCallister
Columbus, OH  
anastasia {at} ameritech {dot} net
Elevated by: Cellach & Vukasin
Date of elevation: 05 Oct, 2013
I think my SCA "superpower" is to be able to network artisans together so they can teach each other. Awards: Pelican, Cellach & Vukasin I, vigiled by Lucien & Catarina Court Baroness, Edmund & Kateryn IV Dragon's Heart, Alaric & Noelle Willow, Edmund & Kateryn II Doe's Grace, Edmund & Kateryn III Purple Fret, Pieter & Nan Astrid Award of Arms, Comar & Lisa Gilded Reed (Middles Marches Baronial Arts Award), Thomas & Gretchen