Stephan Calvert deGrey
Rich Goranson
1249 S. 1st St., #1
Louisville, KY  40203
old05g {at} gmail {dot} com
Elevated by: Isenwulf and Rosalinda (Æthelmearc)
Date of elevation: 10 Dec, 2011
Master of the Pelican - 10 December A.S. XLVI
Companion of the Millrind - 15 November A.S. XLIII
Companion of the Keystone - 31 January A.S. XXXII
Award of Arms - 1 December A.S. XXV
Sigil of Aethelmearc - 6 June A.S. XXVII
Venerable Order of the Ice Dragon - 11 March A.S. XXIX

Former squire to Sir Raimund of the Strait (East), squired 16 August A.S. XXI at Pennsic XV