Caitlin Stuart, OL, OP etc.
Nancy Frankel
1director {at} rogers {dot} com
Elevated by: Arch & Runa
Date of elevation: 10 Aug, 2011
Award of Arms01.14.1978Middle
Order of the Willow01.13.1979Middle
Award of the Purple Fret10.15.1980Middle
Order of the Torse 11.14.1981Calontir
Order of the Laurel05.30.1982Middle
Order of the Rose (resigned)04.04.1992Middle
Award of the Doe's Grace05.14.1994Middle
Order of the Golden Otter03.25.1995Middle for Principality of Ealdormere (closed honor)
Order of the Bee04.20.1996Middle for Principality of Ealdormere (closed honor)
Order of the Dragon's Heart04.20.1996Middle
Order of the Rose 03.01.1997Middle
Award of the Guidon de Sang04.10.1997Ealdormere - Barony of Ramshaven
Friendship of the Trillium10.17.1998Middle for Principality of Ealdormere (closed honor)
Grant of Arms08.19.1999Middle
Award of the Doe's Grace04.29.2000Middle
Award of the Queen's Favor04.29.2000Ealdormere
Kingdom Augmentation of Arms06.01.2002Middle
Royal Augmentation of Arms10.05.2002Middle for Principality of Northshield
King's Award of Excellence08.09.2007Aethelmearc
Court Baroness02.16.2008Middle
Order of the Pelican08.10.2011Middle