Helewyse de Birkstad, Laurel, RSL, CW, PF, AoA
Louise Smithson
20 S Reedwood Dr
Joliet, Ill  60436
419 509 1964
Elevated by: Arch and Runa
Date of elevation: 26 Jun, 2011

Home group: Canton of Grey Gargoyle in Ayreton, Although the home of my heart will always be Red Spears where I served as Baroness for 5 years.

Personal: I play with both pottery and food spending much of my time translating recipes from Italian to English.  My other interests include brewing meads and ales. Most of my research is now available through medieval cookery.  http://www.medievalcookery.com/helewyse

Current projects: Serving as a local seneschal in Grey Gargoyles in Ayreton