Gwyneth Banfhidhleir, OL, OP, Baroness of the Court
Ginny Beatty
Columbus, OH  43220
mizginny {at} yahoo {dot} com
Elevated by: EikBrandr and Runa
Date of elevation: 05 Sep, 2009

Motto: Fides, Pertinacia, et Ignis (Faith, determination, and fire)

Specialties: Culinary arts and logistics, event planning, volunteer coordination and training.


  • Lady Ximena Ramirez, Barony of Nordskogen, Northshield
  • Lady Nasira bint al-Fuqma al-Baida (Nyah McPhee), Shire of Mugmort, Midrealm

Member of the Angry Birds pelican rapier unit of PW 46 - recipients of the Award of the Dragon's Teeth for valor during the rapier field battle.