Rocco Vittorio Barbarossa, AoA, APF, ADT, CB
Rocco Sansotta
800 E Mt Hope Ave
Lansing, MI  48910
rocco {at} midrealm {dot} org
Elevated by: Felix and Madeleina
Date of elevation: 17 Aug, 2006
Norman soldier fighting in the Lombard Revolt against the Byzantines from 1017-1022.  Unable to return to Normandy, Rocco remained as a mercenary fighting alongside the Lombards in northern Calabria.  After figting in the Norman contingent in Sicily in 1038, returned to battle in Calabria, continuing to aid the Lombards against the Byzantines.  For his loyalty and bravery, Count William "Iron Arm" Hauteville assigned Rocco as Magister of the Castle Stridula in Squillace, Regio Calabria in 1045.