Heirusalem Crystoma, ODH, GoA, APF, DG
Sarah Rogers
235 Cadillac Drive, Apt. B
Lafayette, IN  47905
pipublisher {at} gmail {dot} com
Elevated by: Brannos and Rebekah
Date of elevation: 30 Oct, 2004

Past Positions:

  • Baronial Chronicler: Barony of Sternfeld
  • Regional Chronicler: Constellation
  • Baronial Chronicler: Barony of Rivenstar
  • Deputy Middle Kingdom Chronicler
  • Rapier Marshal: Barony of Rivenstar
  • Middle Kingdom Chronicler
  • Publisher: The Pennsic War Chronicle
  • Society Chronicler
  • Web Minister: Barony of Rivenstar
  • Middle Kingdom Chronicler redux
Current Positions:
Publisher: The Pennsic Independent (not an SCA position)
Heirusalem Crystoma was born to a wealthy noble family in the tin-mine rich area of northern Cornwall in 1152. As she grew, her business-minded family ensured her ability to read and write. She was lucky enough to be given the chance to travel, and her skill at writing allowed her to record those things she saw and the deeds of others in her travels. In her later years, she retired to her home to maintain the accounts of her family's business.
Sarah Rogers is an accountant and publisher of the world's smallest (and greatest) daily newspaper. She is currently pursuing a Master of Sciences in Accounting and the CPA designation. She is the proud mother of six and grandmother of six. She hopes to graduate someday and actually make some money. Her interests include researching the pipe rolls of medieval England, making jewelry, researching historic costume, sewing, and cooking. Her greatest treasures are her children and grandchildren.