Alexander de Seton, ODH, CBR, OW, OSO, CCK, APF, ASL
John Seaton
596 Windsor Drive
Fox Lake, IL  60020
AlexdeSet {at} aol {dot} com
Elevated by: Pieter and Nan Astrid
Date of elevation: 06 Sep, 2003

PROTEGES (Held in common with Mistress Maggie of Cnoc Cait)

Metylda nic Lachlainn, Kveldulf Skallagrimsson, Kenwrec Wulfe, Kai Tseng, Baroness Malie MacAoidh.

(Henchmen) Warder Stephan Montague, Baroness Malie MacAoidh

Ask me to teach, or ask for a copy of "Master Alexander's Little Boke of Heat and Light"