Dierdriana of the Misty Isles, Pelican, Queen's Order of Grace, 5 Q-Cyp
Elevated by: Radnor & Shannon-Morgan (West)
Date of elevation: 03 Jan, 1981
Most Courteous Greetings Unto All . . . who read these words . . .

This is Countess Dierdriana of The Misty Isles, Order of the Pelican,
Order of The Rose, Queen's Order of Grace, Order of the Leaf of Merit,
Order of the Rose Leaf, Order of the Wooden Spoon, Five Queen's Cyphers,
Order of the Grape Leaf from Barony of Vinhold, Award of Arms,
Order of the Golden Bean (Esfenn). . .sending greetings upon this time,
A.S. XXXV (2000 A.D.) . . .

My her-story with the Society for Creative Anachronism, Inc. is a long one,
having joined in A.S. iX (1976 A.D.) in the Barony of Golden Rivers, Kingdom of
The West. At that time, the SCA was small, by today's standards and there was
only two Principalities in the West, CAID and An Tir. The SCA had only four
Kingdoms when I joined. I am not quite a "dinosaursress," however, often, when
stories are told, it almost seems so. However, I do admit, I know all of those
wonderful SCA Dinosaurs . . .the legends of The West Kingdom.

I've been a member of House Bellatrix for many years. Duke Paul was one of the
first people whom I met in the SCA when our children were smalls. Now, we are
Grandparents with Adult Children! I have to agree with what my dear friend
Countess Bevin Fraser of Sterling once said to me and that is this: "We are not
old enough to have adults for children!" However, we and many others do and it
seems we are now in the third generation of SCA families!

After spending years living in Golden Rivers (Sacramento CA), I moved to the
greater San Francisco Bay Area, where a group of us got together and started the
Shire of Esfenn and eventually, The Principality of The Mists. During my years
there, it was a pleasure to Autocrat Twelfth Night at least three times and help
others learn how to do that, too. King Radnor gave me my Pelican (what a
surprise that was) at Twelfth Night A.S. XV.

Other Kingdom of The West Awards are these:
Countess & Order of The Rose - August A.S. XiX (1984 A.D.)
         ~ My King was Duke Ronald Wilmot, KSCA, OP, now East Kingdom
Award of Arms - October A.S. Xiii (1978 A.D.)
Queen's Order of Grace - August XX
Order of the Leaf of Merit - March Xiii
Order of the Rose Leaf - March XV
Order of the Wooden Spoon - October XVii
Five Queen's Cyphers: Verena, Rhiannon, Shannon-Morgan, Esmirelda & Rowena
Arts & Sciences Champion, Shire of Dael Beorht, January A.S. XXiV (1990 A.D.)
Fellowship of The Aspen Leaf - January, A.S. XXVi (1992 A.D.)
Order of the Grape Leaf from Barony of Vinhold A.S. XXi (1987 A.D.)
Order of the Golden Bean (Esfenn) A.S. XVii (or so)
Top 10 Archers of the West - A.S. XiV
^LI have also taught SCA classes along the way to include: Dierdriana's Fantastic
Gambazons, Effective Autocratting, Guide to Being an Attendant to Royalty, A
12th Century Norman Costume, A Ladies Leather Vest . . .all for which I have
written manuals. Also, I have taught classes on Assessories for the Total Look
and How to Act Respectfully or How to Address Royalty and Peer Recognition.

Along the way, I have participated in numerous SCA Demos, including one for
French Television on What Americans Do for Fun and Entertainment. I have also
done all the mundane things, all aspects of autocratting, cooking for and
hosting feasts, hall set-up and clean-up, stacking firewood, camp detail. Then,
there is Archery practice and sponsoring tournaments, including making 6 foot
targets, dragons and Teradactiles. While in the Shire of Dael Beohrt, I
sponsored my own Games Tournament which was also a Shire Fund-Raiser and done in
conjunction with our local Delta County Arts and Humanities Council of which I
was a member.

So, just with this brief overview, one can see that there has not been any dull
moments in my SCA life. I've had to take some time out for mundane surgery and
healing time. However, I look forward to "playing" SCA in the Midrealm, via
Atenveldt (Phoenix AZ), Artemesia (Dael Beohrt) and The West. How much my Lord
Scott of Kent and I will "play" here will depend upon a number of factors, my
health, not-with-standing.

Wishing all good health with hopes of meeting many of the kind folks who have
been kind enough to send "virtual mail" to me recently! My gratitude to you
all . . .

Yours in Service . . .

Countess Dierdriana of The Misty Isles
Order of The Pelican, Order of The Rose
E-mail: MW-SL-Clifton@worldnet.att.net