Todric Koenig, OL, CSO, GDH
Elevated by: Valthiona and Osis
Date of elevation: 19 Aug, 1995

1st SCA Event 4/1/76 ;
Joined Dark Horde 1977
AOA 6/9/79
Silver Oak 3/28/81
OL 8/19/1995 Osis and Valthiona;
Asian Studies-Dwellings
OP 8/19/1995 Osis and Valthiona:
Service to the Society-Pennsic
Organized Motor Pool at Pennsic;
Organized Mobility Assistance Project;
Member Pennsic War Planning Committee
Pennsic 20 Security O'Crat
Pennsic Staff PW 20,22-30
Continuous Attendee since PW6
Interests:Alchemy, Early Technology,
Brewing, Vintning, Metalwork,
Shelters, Asia/Mongolia.