Baron Caradoc Llew Du ap Morgan
Elevated by: Corin and Myfanwy
Date of elevation: 17 Aug, 1985
Proteged to: Never a protege; formerly a squire of Syr Randall d'Artinual
was last known to be Active and living in Northshield
Baron of Nordskogen May 18, 1985
--stepped down, became Court Baron July 9, 1994
Order of the Dragon's Heart May 2, 1981
Award of the Purple Fret Oct. 27, 1979
Award of Arms July 10, 1976

Other awards:
Award of the Guide Star (Northshield)
Order of the River of Blood (Nordskogen)
Order of the Heavy Cross (Nordleigh)

Herald (shire, first Principality, currently herald
at large and internal commenter), Seneschal (shire,
first Northshield regional), Marshal at large (current),
Stallarar for Northshield as Crown Principality

Proteges elevated:
TH Mistress Elysabet de Warren, Laurel, Pel.