Master Charles Oakley, O.L., O.P.,Sgt.
James R. Winkler
308 Santa Fe Trail
Elevated by: TRM Tarrach and Fina
Date of elevation: 12 Apr, 2003
was last known to be Inactive and living in the Middle Kingdom

Past jobs:

  • Baronial MOS
  • Baronial Chronicler
  • Regional (Midlands) Chronicler
  • Drop-Dead Pale Editor
  • Adjutant to the KMOAS
  • Publisher of Autocrat's Daily (Pennsic)
  • Kingdom Minister of Arts and Sciences
  • Special Deputy to the Kingdom Seneschal
  • Deputy to Deputy for Parking (Pennsic)
  • Vicar of Wurm Wald
  • Kingdom Seneschal of the Midrealm


  • Deputy to the Kingdom Seneschal