Baroness Bridget ni Cathasaigh
Elevated by: Alys Katherine & Valharic
Date of elevation: 04 May, 2002
Proteged to: n/a
was last known to be Active and living in Northshield
Prefers "Baroness Bridget" or "Dame Bridget".
Joined SCA in November 1981.
2nd Baroness of Nordskogen, 1985-1994.
Have been baronial exchequer, chatelaine,
pursuivant, seneschal pro tem.
Dabbles in many things OR knows a little
about a lot OR has many interests (take your
pick): Costuming, needlework, calligraphy &
illumination, Middle-Eastern dancing, blown
glass, pottery, bead-making, armored fighting,
heraldry, protocol, singing, A&S Tally room,
Elizabeth I, etc.
Can be a bit of a Policy wonk.
Likes ice cream that comes in buckets.