Countess Guenievre du Dragon Vert, CR
Jennifer Carlson
6880 Lakeview Drive
Elevated by: Rangvaldr & Arabella / Vigil by Dag & Elayna
Date of elevation: 10 Jul, 1999
Proteged to: TEs Geoffrey of Warwick & Anne Geoffries of Warwick
was last known to be Active and living in Northshield

Protégé: Baroness Frances Elizabeth Deveraux
Protégé (elevated 2012): Baroness Marwen de la Riviere.
Specialties: Seneschal, Event Steward, Herald (field & court).
Enjoys: Costuming, Rapier, Thrown Weapons, Archery.
Persona: early 1500s, English/French.
Alt. Persona (Gunilda): 10th c. Swedish.